Mystery Envelopes
    One of a kind amalgamated visual poems
All proceeds from the sales help to fund upcoming projects from Blue Bear Collective, an organization that makes art and leaves it for people to find and keep.
Each of the 25 unique hand-stenciled portfolios includes:
1.  A brief introduction by the artist.
2.  9.5 x 12” full-color reproduction from theMetropolitan Museum of Art’s 1958 Seminarsin Art series.
3.  5 x 5” press-printed photograph on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell, 120lb paper,signed by artist on back. (ChapelHill/Carrboro NC street photography).
4.  8.5 x 11” original portrait on paper, signed by artist.
5.  Found photograph.
6.  8.5 x 11” Zine style comic about the artist’schildhood attempt to run away.
7.  Blue Bear Collective Sticker.
Please direct inquiries to
60$ each, shipping included, will mail to address of your choice.
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